PURE Positive Transformation


The Positive Transformation of ones mindset is a process it requires desire, emotion and knowledge as in Platos words that resonate with the all humans . What does suffering bring I say an opportunity to reflective upon what is important to yourself as a individual. What I found to be the case that one needs a Purpose: COVID-19, Understanding: Infectious epidemic, Responsible action: adhering to healthcare guidelines for protection/ find opportutnities to implement actitivies of PURE gratitute and Enjoyment/Evaulation: building Positive communications for a meaning hub in which you can express ones emotions, convey Positve activities and share meaningful activities that boost everyones  well being (Wong, 2010). Thus demonstrating the core tenet for a meaningful life and making your cognitive understanding of ones life meaningful for the main purpose of building one s resiient mindset for the betterment of humanity.

What does it mean to be PURE?


To be PURE is to acquire a Positive Adaptive approaches to ones meaning ful journey in life and to make an authentic difference to others and one’s own  well being. The PURE framework enables individuals to encapture a magnificant Positive toolkit that one can apply in all matters of life events with the visualisation of acquiring Positive well being. The PURE model is indeed a framework which enables humanity to identify what is the true meaning in life and therefore provides an succinct framework whereby individuals can implement it within their life to acquire a more Positive adaptive mindset.

How can Positive Practitioner’s make a difference?


Positive Psychology Practitioners have the ideal opportunity to apply their expertise knowledge to implement their experise in a PURE manner with Covid-19 it is much needed voluntary email/telephone support to your local community, zoom support, sharing specially developed resources, finding opportunities to contribute to food banks, liason with your local councillors to coach Positive practices to ensure the vulnerable people of society are helped through these trying times and to speak to other family members, friends and experts within the field to create Positive  communication whereby a Positive Well being is established to cultivate Positive Well being for all. Lets make it happen and help each other through these difficult times with Unity, Peace and humanity.


Lets all make a start for Global Positive Well being as the global world does indeed need it for a better tomorrow for us all.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!