Positive Psychology and Neuro-linguistic Programming

Positive Psychology endeavours to highlight flourishing human practices thus to empower human beings with the best possible outcome. The vital PERMA model advocates this notion with a Positive five dimensional viewpoint upon human wellbeing. The model cultivates PERMA- positive emotions, engagement, meaningful, and accomplishment skillsets for individuals (M, Seligman, 2011). The cohesive of disciplines is a key way forward for a growth mindset to accomplish its true potentional. We shall discuss the notion of Neuro linguistic programming initiated by John Grinder and Richard Bandler forming the NLP model to accomplish behavioural patterns for geniuses Neuro: cultivation of positive thoughts through your senses, Linguistic: positive use of language through the use of symbols, gestures, postures and programming: practicing: implementing behaviours leading to an individuals desired outcome (J,Grinder,1970).

Positive NLP and Positive PPI in action

Positive Psychology Practitioners and Neuro-linguistic Practitioners have the key skills to cultivate an effective Growth mindset within an individual leading to personal development for a better quality of life. The core foundation of both disciplines PERMA and the four pillars: pillar one: desired outcome, pillar two: practicing sensory acuity behaviours through ones senses, pillar three: displaying behavioural flexiability and pillar  four rapport building positive connections with others.

Growth Opportunities for NLP & PPI in action

The core tenets of Positive Psychology Intervention and NLP actions advocates PERMA/Four Pillars with the opportunity to propose a new Hybrid model as suggested in figure 1.

Emergence of a New Hybrid Model Positive NLP Wellbeing

The hybrid model promotes a cohesive Positive Psychology intervention that cultivates a multiple growth mindset POSEBRMA for a more proactive mindset (shah, 2021).

P                                           Desired Outcome

E                                            Sensory Acuity/Behavioural Flexiability

R                                           Rapport


A                                            Desired Outcome

Global Positive NLP with Global Positive PPI

A insight into both disciplines advocates an insight into Positive Global movement with key organisations such as the IPPA (International Positive Psychology Association) and IANLP (international Association for Neuro-linguistic Programming) steering us towards a growth mindset. The proposition of a hybrid model POSEBRMA is a route of impact within the Positive Psychology descipline and indeed an organic method towards a growth method.  Let’s start our Positive Wellbeing today with the mission of Positive Wellbeing Association and embrace the multiple mindsets towards Positive wellbeing for all (Shah, 2021).


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