What does Positive Psychology say about growth mindset?

Positive Psychology advocates growth mindset through the notion of acquiring adaptive personal qualities and abilities that develop over time (Dweck’s, C 1970). The beneficial aspects to a acquiring a growth mindset is that individuals pursue purposeful goals, our esponse in difficult times, our efforts in accomplishing our goals and our adaptive solution based approach to problems (Style, C 2015).The most influential work conducted is the formation of the theory of a cultivation of a six mindset (BRAMMT) Believing mindset, responsible mindset, appreciative mindset, mindful mindset, meaning mindset and the tough mindset. It is proposed as the imperative framework for Positive Well being in times of turbulent times. The core tenets to this framework are adaptive coping mechanisms and faith for mental and physical Positive health (Wong, 2019). The new science of PP 2.0 that human being need to overcome suffering and drawabacks to accomplish a state of flourishing (Fowers, Richardson, & Sife, 2017: Wong, 2019a). Evidence based research reinforces the notion of the reslisient 6 mindset framework actually postulating that it is an exceptional formation of ones Positive mindset (Bhattcherjee, 2019).

How can Positive Psychology Practitioners help others develop a Growth Mindset?

Positive well being coaches advocate that one must pursue focussed practices (Syed, M, 2010) the process requires buuilding upon your strengths to accomplish ones focussed goal pursuits. The three main criteria ones must pursue as a Positive coach is to cultivate welldefined goals, adapt a Positive mindset and to acquire a mindset whereby you aware of what next step is required for your accomplishment of your goal (Driver, M 2011).

What is the future of Growth Mindset

Positive psychology advocates the process of growth mindset as a step by step procedure in which individuals acquire a healthy mindset with the focussed purpose of accomplishing their goals. Positive Psychologist advocate this and provide a evidence based framwork with such renowed Psychologist such as sir Dr Paul T B Wong provind the BRAMMT growth mindset platform for Positive growth mindset. The amalgamation of key character strengths in accomplishing ones potential growth mindset is key to unleashing ones virtious character strengths for unity, peace and humanity. Let’s all make a difference and start a Global Positive Well being for all today.



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